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Upgraded look for brewshuffle

I’ve upgraded to the latest bootstrap.  With that came a whole lot of HTML rewrites to make sure everything works properly.  I had to remove some small UI features so that the site feels smoother.  To me it the site feels more responsive with faster page loads, I hope everyone has the same experience.

Brewshuffle should now work and look a ton better on mobile devices / tablets.

Please let me know if you run into any problems on the site as I did have to change / update a lot of code via the Contact Page or leave a comment.

I hope you guys enjoy the new look, let me know!

BJCP Judges

We’ve made a page that lists only users that are tagged as BJCP on brewshuffle so home brewers can easily & quickly find judges to review their homebrew!

The page is located at

If you are BJCP but not listed please visit the Contact Page and submit a “Tag Request” with some explanation and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hopefully this will make it easier to bring home brewers and judges together with out having to enter a competition so home brewers can get that oh so useful feed back on their homebrew.

Please let me know what you think about this feature and idea’s for the future of it in the comments!


Brewer Signature Images!

There were 2 updates pushed.  The first one re-arranged the brewer / brew page to make the images more noticeable as per a user suggestion.  The left nav is also no longer stationary, but scrolls with the page.  I had to change this when adding the larger latest image to the left nav.

The second awesomer (that’s not a word) update is dynamic brewer signature images.  They are images that are built dynamically for each user and update every 6 hours based on your latest information.

Here is an example of my image:

You can get your own at (you must be signed in to access that page).

You can places this as a forum signature or on your blog.

Here is a list of forums where I tested the signature and it is working:

Sadly doesn’t allow the image BBCode so it doesn’t work on that forum.  I would suggest trying to contact them ( if you would like to use your signature on

Please let me know of other forums / sites that you can easily add your dynamic BrewShuffle signature image and I will update my list.  Thanks to for finally getting me to build this!


Contest Winners

Congrats to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who participated.  Winners have been notified via email.  Prizes will be shipped out as soon as I can get the shipping information from the winners.


Contest Sponsored by NorthernBrewer!

In October will be 1 year old.  It feels like last week since the site launched and we’ve grown so much since then.  In honor of our first year, we are having a contest sponsored by Northern Brewer!

The contest rules are as follows:

  • Whoever shares and reviews the most home brew over a 2 week period October 1 – October 15, 2012.
  • Reviewing / drinking your own home brew will not count (but will still be delicious and rewarding).

How do you review home brew?

  1. Find a brewer that has some brew up for trade using the home brewer map.
  2. Request some home brew.
  3. Meet up and exchange your home brew.
  4. Drink exchanged home brew,
  5. Go to and review the home brew.

The prizes will consist of shirts (from Northern Brewer and BrewShuffle), hats (from Northern Brewer) and a $50 gift card to!  I am still working out the details and will post as soon as I get them.  There will be at least 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Just a side note, this is not a competition for the best home brew.

Important Info:

  • Win a $50 gift card or sweet swag from
  • Share and review home brew between October 1- October 15,2012.
  • The winner will be announced October 18, 2012.




I received a bunch of emails from users saying things like

  • I’d like to be a drop off location
  • I am a home brew supply store
  • I am a BJCP certified judge

How do I let everyone know?  Well now you can attach “Tags” to your brewery page.  Once you are logged in to go and you will be able to add tags.  Some tags need to be verified.  At the moment I am asking users to go to and select “Tag Request” in the “What’s Up?” dropdown and just let me know what tag you’re interested in and provide any proof you can (ie: a BJCP , a homebrew supply store).

You can also view and manage your tags from your brewery page.  To see how they show up you can view my brewery page (

I have some ideas that will utilize tags in future updates for BrewShuffle.  One large one would be including a tag filter on the map page.  Please let me know via the comments of contact page if you have any other suggestions / questions / ideas about tags (or anything else about BrewShuffle for that matter).

International Folk

I received enough international home brewers writing in, letting me know BrewShuffle is not fully working in some countries other than US / Canada that I finally decided to look into it.  I want you guys to be able to share your homebrew too!

I had to rewrite the GeoLocating and GeoCoding for getting / storing latitude and longitude to include a country code but I believe it’s working now.  I confirmed that an Australian home brewer could now sign up, view the proper area and save an Australian address (which he previously could not do).

If you are still stuck in a City, State that is not yours you can either clean out your cookies for BrewShuffle or log in and manually update / save your address (   Along with the GeoLocating changes I did have to change a bit about how I’m storing an address once it is saved in cookies and in the BrewShuffle database.

Please let me know (international or not) if you experience anything odd with the GeoLocating functionality or Address saving of BrewShuffle.


Attention Homebrew Supply Shops

If you are a homebrew supply shop or a homebrew blogger that would like a free 3 month banner ad in 20 zip codes on brewshuffle that are willing to put up a sign in your store, write an article about BrewShuffle, send out a message to a newsgroup or be an official BrewShuffle drop off / pick up location.  Please visit the contact page and let us know.

What you get

  • Banner Ad
  • For 3 months
  • In 20 zip codes

Options to choose from

  • Sign in your store
  • Write an article about BrewShuffle
  • Send a message out to your newsgroup
  • Be an official BrewShuffle drop off / pick up location

Fill out the contact form. Select the “Advertising / Sponsor ” option and write us a nice message.